Friday, July 11, 2014

UPS - 1/5 stars - A day late and 9 hours waiting - Updated

My wife had her computer repaired under extended warranty by sending it through UPS.  We've been waiting for it, my landlady gives me a post it note from UPS stating they tried to deliver it yesterday (Thursday)  but weren't able to and would attempt again today (Friday).  I go on their website and contact customer support.

Right, UPS doesn't call you when the driver gets here.  So I go outside at 11:00 am and start waiting.  FedEx comes by.  I ask the driver, will you call someone if they request it?  He responds, Yes, I called this number yesterday (on his package) and it was disconnected, so I had to come back today.

So this is not the shipping industry, this is UPS.

At 3:45 I see the UPS truck on the other corner.  Soon I think.  It drives toward me, and then turns right to go up north.  It stops about 1 block from the corner in the middle of the street and makes another delivery.  I take a picture of it as it drives away, turning down another street.

I take another picture of the truck on Ocean Blvd, 3 blocks south of my corner.  It goes away.  I take another picture of it later on 1st street, 2 blocks from my house, it drives away.

At 5:00 my wife is home from volunteering, the UPS truck is driving north toward my corner, but it's in the right hand lane, it would have to be in the left turn lane to deliver to me.  I wave my UPS delivery failure notice (also known as, we don't care about your time) and yell, "Deliver my package!"  The UPS driver ignores me.  I yell again, "Deliver my package!"  The UPS driver growls at me and drives on north once again passing my corner.

The package was delivered at 8:04 or thereabouts.  That means I waited outside from 11:00 am to 8:04 pm.  9 hours.  If you looke at the InfoNotice there is a spot for the driver to mark estimated time of delievery and they are in roughly 3 hours chunks (10:30 - 2:00 being the longest at 3 1/2 hours).  If the driver had marked one of those like I'm guessing he was supposed to I wouldn't of had to wait outside all day.  If he would of marked the one "After 5:00" I would of finished my phone calls with Verizon and went outside at 5:00 and only waited 3 hours.  3 hours is reasonable.  9 is not.

Where UPS failed:
1. They do not have the callers call the recipient for deliveries upon request. (FedEx does so it's possible and doable).
2. The driver never marked an Estimated Time.  I can presume this was the driver's error.  I do not know UPS policy although the driver who actually delivered it today was not the driver who failed to deliver it yesterday.
3. On my calls to UPS they could not contact the driver to find out the status of the delivery.  They had no clue.  The only information they had was it was on the truck.

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